Videntium Help Desk is mobile supported, web application that provides real-time tracking and reporting of Reactive Maintenance Activities which enables the FM Service Provider to meet SLA & KPI’s agreed with the Client.

SLA Prioritized Work Flow
Work Flow behind Videntium Help Desk is developed to efficiently assign maintenance teams to End Users requests within Service Level Agreement Limits .

Realtime Push Notifications
When maintenance is requested, the Help Desk Agent can create a ticket in seconds and assign it to a Maintenance Team. Every team leader will receive a mobile notification and an e-mail.

Growing Knowledge Base For Agents
The Help Desk Agent can record new maintenance requests to the Knowledge Base and recall any previous requests along with their SLA Details.

Realtime Tracking
After the ticket is created, each stage is tracked in real-time with updates coming from the maintenance team via the mobile application.

Monitor SLA Constraints

Create Tickets with Different SLA Packages & Priorities, Monitor Them And Alert Teams To Re-Prioritize Works According To Upcoming Deadlines

Realtime Communication Between Agents & Temas

All Communications, Events (Ticket Creating, Updating, SLA Count Downss..) Are Based On Push Notifications And Web Sockets.

Manage Teams With Different Service Categories

Categorize Your Teams Per Service Categories And Shifts

KPI Dashboard

Monitor Status Of Tickets, Calculate KPI Variables Based On Historical Data With Custom Formulizations