TAB Software is %100 NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau) compatible. Per each year it’ll be automatically updated to NEBB’s manifest & new rules.

Define Testing Ranges And Alerts
For testing equipment, your can safe range limits for readings during the tests. By using this, you can compare readings with other equipment and forecast upcoming device failures before it’s too late.

Create custom TAB reports
Per each TAB record, you can generate a complete report, select any test category, or combine all off TAB records to generate reports with hundreds of pages easily

TAB Data Revisions
All Changes In Equipment Data Or Report Can Be Revisioned To Compare Latest and Previous Data.

TAB is %100 NEBB compatible

TAB Software is 100% NEBB (National Bureau of Environmental Balancing) compliant. Each year, it will be automatically updated according to NEBB's manifesto and new rules.

Create custom TAB reports

You can design your report screens with our drag and drop report editor for each report in the module.

Create custom equipment types

In Videntium You Can Create Your Own Data Structure. It's up to you what to keep and how to keep it. Build everything in your own structure and store exactly the data you need. You can also use dynamic form bindings to format data fields.

Define testing ranges and alerts

For testers, you can have safe range limits for readings during tests. Using it, you can compare readings with other equipment and predict upcoming device failures before it's too late.