Testing and Commissioning is a diligent process of planning and performaing all necessary quality controls that encompass the complex infrastructures, equipment, systems. Videntium T&C Module helps you to overcome planning, inspecting, these equipment and systems and complex infrastructures easily.

Create Checklists & Stages
For Any Equipment, Equipment Types or Groups create weighted checklist. You can change order of checklists or questions inside checklists

Revise checklists dynamically
After creating T&C checklists, you can change their weight, content , order dynamically when you need any updates

Rich Text Commenting
For any checklist question you can add a specific (or free style) comments in a rich text document format (including customized tables)

Mobile Application
For T&C Module Videntium has a supportive mobile application for engineers / technicians to perform T&C operations form the site. This application works both in online and offline

Checklist Templates

Videntium Has More Than 100 Templates With 1000+ Questions, Instead Of Creating Every Checklist You Can Select From Template Pool Which Are Created On NEBB And AABC Standards

Work From Field

Perform Tests, Record Test Results, Fill Checklists From Field via Mobile Application

File Access From Mobile Application

Access Technical Sheets, O&M Manuals, Previously Updated Reports Per Equipment From Mobile Application

Track Progress

Track Progress With Dashboards And Gantt Charts